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LiteGait Forums > Trainers > Training Reports 2019 > Providence Northeast Rehabilitation 02/04/2020

Providence Northeast Rehabilitation 02/04/2020
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Darren Joffs

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 Posted: Thu Feb 27th, 2020 07:09 pm
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LiteGait Training Report
Training Date: 02/04/20
Facility: Providence Northeast Rehabilitation
507 NE 47th Ave, Portland, OR 97213

Presentation: 3-hour training. The attendees had not watched the online presentation, I strongly suggested that they watch it after the training. Because they did not have any patients and we used therapists as mock patients with longer to discuss protocols and methods, I was able to cover more of the information.

How many attended? 9 (2 OT, 5 PT, 1 PTA, 1 Rehab Aide)
Did you mention: LiteGait social media- FaceBook, Twitter; USER Forum, Presenter Series webinars - especially TIPS & TRICKS every quarter? I spent time after the initial presentation with Jessica S. and showed the site and how to access the education component after telling the group of the effective webinars.

Harness/LiteGait Equipment Training:(Were all of the training elements completed or was something left out? What factors contributed to elements not being covered: i.e. time ran short, no patients or not enough patients. This information is helpful as we make our clinical support follow ups & to understand the evaluations better.) I was able to have all of the clinicians try on the harness and appropriately donn the harness with effective placement and adequate tightening. Always mentioning the beneficial effects of the use of non-grip shelf liner beneath to keep it from sliding. One of the OT’s wanted to see how the body harness was used for quadruped as well as the use of support for UE shoulder approximation, so I was able to demo that accessory.

Patient Training: They chose not to use patients, so I had them bring up specific patients they were treating and we came up with activities for both PT and OT to address weight shifting, dynamic stand-in balance with advancement to SLS and reach with modifications in the device by using the FlexAble, use of the FreeDome to increase reach, the BiSym for biofeedback, walking backward, and the use of their treadmill. The platform and belt of their treadmill were very short. They had a previous treadmill they were using and the only real way to address this was to have them place the LiteGait backwards and walk forward on the treadmill.

Problems or Concerns Encountered with patients: (If you encountered a difficult situation or patient, please post this information in the clinical support section of as well as here in this training report.) They do not have an idea treadmill for treadmill training due to the angle of the upper hand support and display that got in the way of the actuator.

What was the BEST question/remark/feedback you got during this training? Both PT and OT was highly involved in coming up with ideas about implementing the use of the LiteGait. BiSym: They wanted to know how to incorporate the BiSym, so we talked about the use with neurological patients who have a difficult time understanding how utilize their neuromuscular system and the advantage of having some type of visual feedback to support a desired movement when it is successful.
Vertigo: They wanted to know about using the LiteGait to help with vertigo. I told them of Mike Studer’s success using a curtain panel with a random, non-repeating pattern to challenge the input of the eyes while moving the panel or changing the treadmill speed and direction.

Champions: Who is the best person to f/u regarding clinical support? Their rehab aide, Sergio, is highly capable and well organized. He is the main fix it man and problem solver. For any technical issues, he should be the one who addresses them.

Who is the best person to f/u regarding sales needs? Jessica S. is who I dealt with, but she is not the rehab director.

Recommendations: What do we need to do for these customers? They are interested in the body harness for the OT’s. I’d see if they are willing to get a mini-GaitKeeper to deal with the limitations of their treadmill.

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