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Beaumont Hospital 2/7/20
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 Posted: Mon Feb 10th, 2020 03:16 am
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Did they listen to the lecture online? If yes, did they give you feedback? What questions or concerns did they have regarding information given? Listened online- no questions were asked regarding info- they had trouble with being able to view the link - was able to have it work x2, not all were able to view before the training -but they all will complete-

Did you mention MoReICE clinical support, LiteGait social media, Presenter Series webinars - especially free TIPS & TRICKS every quarter? Yes mentioned all , including Q pads
How many attended? Do you have sign in sheet or will facility send it in? 15 attended , 8 PT 2 PTA, 5 OTR- facility will email sign in sheet- I have a photo copy as well -

Harness/LiteGait device Training:
Were all of the training elements completed or was something left out? What factors contributed to elements not being covered: covered all except using LG over treadmill as it would not fit over their existing TM.

Therapists donned harness and tried TM- 1 therapist had prior experience, all others were new learners- Freedome, bi sym, extender piece, leg straps, groin pieces, crawling harness covered as well as treatment tech, therapist positioning at TM, talk of use of high low table to assist with ease, and bisym-Utilized all time given. Reviewed manuals, jump drive for supervisor to use for accreditation purposes. Referred back to assistance via MR email.

Addt’l Equipment Covered: Accessories – what questions came up? Demonstrated supine to sit at EOM , sit to stand options in LG with Anna and another PT( others had to leave at end of day) , OT options with stand balance, use in kitchen, ADL’s-

Patient Training:
What types of patients participated and how did they respond? 3 of 4 pts arrived - 2 CVA, 1 GB with history of CP
What handling techniques were used? (weight shifting, use of freedome to turn around to use in kitchen, use of AD in hallway side step, backwards walk, assist for DF- hip flexion assist with TB on handle bars - all gait was performed over ground in hallway due to not being be to utilize TM
Utilized all time given. All patients were great examples and therapists were eager to jump in and learn how to assist and utilize LG to its fullest-
I was impressed with everyone’s skill and participation- fun!
1- male 60+ years old- CVA, L hemi - use pyramid hemi cane , step to gait pattern, no AFO- poor awareness of L leg 2 weeks post stroke, great return of L side- L UE arm support - use of steering due to weakness of pt core and L side, , wt shift, cues for heel strike, longer step length and then demo after use of LG with hemi cane to increase symmetry of steps-
- demo
2. Will - 60+ male R hemi- R arm support good active use of hand - Gait in Hallway - use of brakes, steer off, demonstration of getting head close to buckle due to pt height very tall 6’2-6’3” and height of ceiling low - may need to keep things tight in order to be able to provide unweighting - pt performed push of LG -PT provide resistance to pus of LG, facilitation tech for leg, wt shift, sit on gaiter stool - would need 2 people potentially if PT stayed on stool - pt performed ADL’s in kitchen while staying in harness and straps loosened for trunk flexion to access refrigerator, stove, microwave, open cabinets- demo strap tighten for flexion/extension, and r/l shift - hand placement on handles-

3- 30+ female with CP since birth, and new onset of Guillain Burre.
Pt’s Donned in stand with holding handles, pt performed gait in hallway x 2 lengths, x1 without AD- x1 with lofstrands facing out by using freedome to turn, pt with weak hip flexion, demonstrated use of t band on handles to increase hip flexion, resistance to hip flexion also, pt able to tolerate increased speeds and perform more gait in LG since being in hospital- pt very excited about it- utilized unweighting to assist with ease of gait due to LE weakness and less CV demand. Use of Bysim to demonstrate is function.

4-Demonstrated low level pt donning on PT after pt example- performed in sit at end of elevating mat table- given ideas for sit to stand, ex in sit, emphasized importance of use for OT, BiSym, use of gaiter stool also, 4 pt, tall kneel, forced use on hands-

Problems or Concerns Encountered with patients: Biggest problem was that the rehab supervisor stated that she was told their new LG would fit with their existing treadmill when they had a LG rep present for an initial training- their unit does not fit with their old TM due to the design of the sides of the TM base - told of the options to purchase gait keeper TM or even the portable TM if the gait keeper was not in the budget.
Another problem is that ceiling height is very low and if they were to use a TM, they would have trouble unweighting tall pts while on the TM (they have a track system in the ceiling and unable to use due to low height and set up of the lift itself)

What was the BEST question/remark/feedback you got during this training? Should they use a schedule to effectively/fairly use the device - i 100% agreed and gave an example of how I share with my co-workers

Champions: Anna
Who is the best person to f/u regarding clinical support?Anna , Susan
Who is the best person to f/u regarding sales needs? Susan, Anna

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