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Abbey Senior Health 1/15/19
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 Posted: Sat Jan 19th, 2019 01:40 am
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LiteGait Training Report
Training Date: 01/15/19
Facility: Abbey Senior Health
Name and type: adults, neuro, ortho, amputee-geriatric short term rehab

Did they listen to the lecture online? YES

Did you mention MoReICE clinical support, LiteGait social media, Presenter Series webinars - especially free TIPS & TRICKS every quarter? YES

How many attended? 2 PT, 1 PTA, 1 OT
Do you have sign in sheet or will facility send it in? I emailed sign-in sheet to Chavela.

Harness/LiteGait device Training:
Were all of the training elements completed or was something left out? Completed all elements for LG I-400, BiSym, Q-straps, and FreeDome

Addt’l Equipment Covered/Recommended: Leg straps, small adult harness, Q pads (I brought 3 from our facility to demonstrate), treadmill, Gaiter Stool,.

Patient Training:
Pt 1: 77 yo female. OA, PD, h/o falls 1.5 years ago. Independent ambulating with rollator but with impaired balance. Donned harness in standing. Utilized LG without body wt support, loose overhead straps, open FreeDome and FlexAble during balance challenges ie ball catch, kicking, SLS, Q-pad ant/post wt shift in staggered stance, Q-pad targeting. Pt reports feeling safe in LG to try the activities that she otherwise would not have.

Pt 2: 48 yo female. MS. Uses power w/c for primary mobility. Ambulating in PT with rollator and (B) custom AFOs, 30ft, min/mod assist and w/c follow. Significantly flexed posture with knees locked in recurvatum. Harness donned in supine and assisted to standing from sitting position with LG. Tolerated standing x 15 minutes with focus on anterior wt shift of pelvis over BOS for upright posture; pre-gait R step forward/back, short ambulatory distance. Harness position was not optimal-too high- therefore pelvic stability was lacking. Problem solving with staff on improved positioning. Demonstrated use of Q straps to assist with ant wt shift. Pt was excited about possibilities of improving standing and gait activities with less fatigue.

Pt 3: male with L CVA and moderate ataxia R LE. Ambulating up to 150’ in PT with RW, R AFO, moderate assist. With LG able to stand total of 20 minutes. Initially ambulated holding onto LG handles, with improved fluency of steps and R LE placement. Opened FreeDome having pt turn around to use RW for UE support. Staff commented on pt’s improved posture and fluency compared to gait without LG support. Pt felt “more natural” with his steps and liked having the security and support from overhead straps. Utilized BiSym for visual feedback re: wt shifting, correction of lean with standing activity.

Pt 4: 70 yo female. Significant debility from R hip fx s/p THR 11/2018 complicated by GIB and OA. She had catheter. In PT she was tolerating standing for 60 secs and ambulating length of // bars with moderate assist. Harness donned in supine with modification of rolled towel to accommodate catheter tubing. Assisted to stand from sit with LG. Stood for total of 19.30 minutes. Worked on wt shifting activities with use of Q-pads for feedback. Use of Bi-Sym with support set to 40%. Pt surprised she could standing performing 60% of work initially with (B) UE support then gradually worked to 1 UE then no UE. Amb 30’ following standing activities. Pt and family member were excited about tolerance of increased activity with decreased fear of falling.

Problems or Concerns Encountered with patients: No

What was the BEST question/remark/feedback you got during this training? Staff was excited to be able to use the equipment for functional mobility and varied treatment options. They really liked the FreeDome, BiSym and Q-pads to enhance the activities. They were surprised how long each pt could stand during their sessions.

Who is the best person to f/u regarding clinical support? Kelly Lohaus, OT
Who is the best person to f/u regarding sales needs? Kelly Lohaus

Recommendations: Specific follow up, accessory info, Service issues? –see below

-Wish list in order of priority: 1) Thigh straps 2) Small adult harness 3) Q-pads

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