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Here are a couple of studies that address or discuss the benefits of LiteGait intervention for young children:

Mattern-Baxter K, Bellamy S, Mansoor J. (2009). Effects of Intensive Locomotor Treadmill Training on Young Children with Cerebral Palsy. Pediatric Physical Therapy,21,12-22.

Moreau N, Holthaus K, Marlow N. Differential Adaptations of Muscle Architecture to High-Velocity Versus Traditional Strength Training in Cerebral Palsy. Neurorehabil Neuro Repair, 27(4), 325-334.

These and other studies are available on the Research page at The articles are organized by diagnosis or type. Several of the studies there have summaries available for you to read as well.


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Can anyone share any literature that supports a long-term benefit from doing LiteGait training with the following patient?
3 year old with hemiplegia (s/p stroke). He is legally blind but does see a fair amount and navigates very well, considering. He wears a right AFO, walked independently well after 2, but now walks and runs (in high guard) independently. Little bit of a steppage gait, but not too bad.

He is an EI kid and the EI PT said the research does not support a long term benefit for a kid like him, so Mom stopped bringing him in to see the private practice PT for LiteGait training. Private practice PT wanted another perspective to share with Mom.

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