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Harness application landmarks... Overcorrection?
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 Posted: Thu Nov 10th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Sometimes I have placed the harness lower than the greater trochanter - low and tight. As it seems to move up when I begin to lift the pt and ends up in the correct position. Any issues with that?


If the harness is applied correctly, there should be no need to “overcorrect” anticipating slippage. Place the bottom strap directly across the greater trochanter, and then tighten it well. Simply pulling on the free end of the strap is NOT adequate. You must use a “push-pull” technique, feeding the strap that lies against the patient’s body toward the plastic slider with one hand, while taking up the slack using the free end of the strap with the other hand. Cinch it up really tight, so much so that you see bulges of tissue between the straps, which serve as buttresses to stop the harness from riding up. It should be so tight that you CANNOT slip 2 fingers under the straps.

Then apply the groin piece (correct size), pulling laterally on the neoprene to line it up under the buckles, then taking up the slack by pulling on the free end (again, a 2-handed technique.)

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