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Quality Center for Rehab and Healing 11/13/19
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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 09:36 pm
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LiteGait Training Report
Training Date: 03/13/19
Facility: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing
Name and type: SNF; adults, neuro, amputee, ortho, medically complex/debility

Did they listen to the lecture online? NO, but plan to

Did you mention MoReICE clinical support, LiteGait social media, Presenter Series webinars - especially free TIPS & TRICKS every quarter? YES

How many attended? 2 PT, 3 PTA
Do you have sign in sheet or will facility send it in? I emailed sign-in sheet to Chavela.

Harness/LiteGait device Training:
Were all of the training elements completed or was something left out? Completed all elements for LG I-400, BiSym, Q-straps, FreeDome

Addt’l Equipment Covered/Recommended: Leg straps, small adult harness, Q pads (I brought 3 from our facility to demonstrate), Gaiter Stool.

Patient Training:
Pt 1: 70 yo male. “broken back” 2011 surgically repaired with rods/screws, L hip deterioration with 3” leg length loss requiring THR restructure. Seated/standing posture with significant R lateral trunk lean-has ROM to manually correct to midline but weak core. Focus in therapy on trunk strengthening, midline stability, transfers, gait with RW up to 150’. Stand pivot transfers difficult for staff. Donned harness in standing. Stood for total of 18 mins performing overground amb with Lite Gait, UE’s holding onto handles-straps adjusted for postural correction; able to perform increased step lengths/clearance (B) with cues only, with improved upright posture. Use of BiSym for visual feedback during lateral wt shifting activities. Pt able to self correct weight shift to midline. Opened FreeDome to allow pt to work on 90 deg turns to R/L applying to stand pivot transfers. Faced away from Lite Gait without UE support performing L UE punching to target to facilitate active wt shift and lateral trunk lean to midline/L. “I love it” was pt’s response.

Pt 2: 52 yo male. 2 years s/p CVA. Large man with significant ataxia. Requires 2-3 people to safely ambulate with RW, has fallen once with therapy. Has only begun actively advancing R LE in past week. Harness donned in standing with UE support on handles-requiring use of harness extender and asymmetrical GP. Q straps secured to base of Lite Gait laterally, (B) to provide proprioceptive input to assist with motor control related to ataxia. Pt able to stand for 15 minutes. Amb overground advancing frame with minimal assist of guidance from 1 PT. Pt able to advance (B) steps with improve upright posture and increased sense of safety for both pt and therapists due to safe environment from LG. Pt enjoyed the freedom to stand safely and challenged staff to “race you down the hall”

OTHER: Therapy gym with treadmill was new construction and not yet cleared to treat pt’s in the area therefore all pt’s sessions occurred in hallway with OG activities. Trainer simulated treatment ideas with trainees serving as “pt” for donning harness in supine on therapy mat, assisting pt to standing from chair with LG, stepping on/off treadmill, gait training on TM, sidestepping/backward walking on TM, use of Q-pads for wt shifting/targeting tasks.

Problems or Concerns Encountered with patients: No

What was the BEST question/remark/feedback you got during this training? Staff was excited to be able to use the equipment for functional mobility and varied treatment options. They really liked the FreeDome, BiSym and Q-pads to enhance the activities. They were surprised how long each pt could stand during their sessions, were very interactive with treatment ideas, and excited that standing/gait activities could be performed with only 1 therapist.

Who is the best person to f/u regarding clinical support?
All trainees were equally interactive and engaged.

Who is the best person to f/u regarding sales needs?
Julie Grisham (DOR)

Recommendations: Specific follow up, accessory info, Service issues? No service issues. Accessory wish list:
1. Small adult harness
2. Q-pads
3. Thigh straps
4. Gaiter stool

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