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LiteGait Forums > Trainers > Training Reports 2019 > St. Francis Heights Convalescent 6/17/19

St. Francis Heights Convalescent 6/17/19
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 Posted: Tue Jul 9th, 2019 04:34 am
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LiteGait Training Report
Training Date: 6/17/19 3:30-5:30 pm (2 hours)
Facility: St. Francis Heights Convalescent Daly City

Facility: Skilled Nursing
Clientele: Adult

Did they listen to the lecture online? If yes, did they give you feedback?
Yes, no feedback given

How many attended: 10 participants: 2 PTA, 4 OTR/L, 4 PT

Did you mention MoReIce clinical support, LiteGait social media, Presenter series webinars – especially free tips and tricks every quarter, free LiteGait user forum and Facebook Page? Yes, I encouraged the staff to sign up to read and post questions and also discussed online webinars and journal clubs for continuing education credits. I also let them know they could ask for clinical support whenever needed as there is a PT on staff who can answer questions.

Harness/LiteGait Equipment Training: I reviewed the parts of their original LiteGait model set at 350 lb. weight limit. I reviewed their device with this group as several individuals had not used the LiteGait before. I started with respect to the casters (brakes on 1 side and unidirectional on the other side); how to move the LiteGait on and off the treadmill (pushing brake side towards steer side to prevent casters from hitting the treadmill); the handlebars and removing it along with tightening the knobs – educated to not overtighten the knobs to not strip the screw; how to charge the unit; the hand controls with respect to moving both actuators up and down; the FlexAble and how is it used for patients walking at faster speeds versus a patient that requires more stability; the straps and how it connects into the harness and how to tighten and loosen them. They did have a Bisym scale that was not in function despite charging it and trying to reset it.

I demonstrated correct harness placement in standing with staff discussing need to open up and size the harness for the patient to half their girth. Given they have older harnesses they will need to size the harness before placement, however, suggested they get the newer updated harnesses that improve ease of application and don’t require sizing. I positioned the harness on a staff member and discussed bottom strap should be fitted at the level of the greater trochanter and the importance of tightening the groin piece and bottom 2 straps (2 finger width accommodation) to ensure good fit and prevent harness from riding up on the individual. One therapist was set up in the LiteGait and did overground walking and walking on the treadmill.

I also demonstrated application of the harness in supine on one of the participants. I discussed the importance of checking the harness fit from the front and the back after rolling and placement of the groin piece to make sure it is not rotated.

Given there were no patients for the training we practiced various scenarios of how to assist someone who is more dependent with sit to stand to requiring about moderate assist using the LiteGait system from the mat table.

They also practiced adjustment of the straps to re-align a posture from a forward trunk lean to a side trunk lean.

Given the OTs in the group we talked about ways to incorporate the device with functional ADL tasks with respect to raising the yoke for more freedom of movement and also turning someone around in standing so they can face outward to work on various activities.

Patient Trainings: They were unable to get any patients for this training.

Problems or Concerns Encountered with Patients: None

Champions: No specific champion today, however, Karissa encouraged the group to utilize the equipment each day for more hands on practice.

Recommendations: I suggested signing up for webinars and clinical applications and how to post questions on if needed. I suggested they might be interested in leg straps for those that can’t tolerate the groin piece and also to get the newer, wipeable harnesses.

What was the BEST question/remark/feedback you got during this training? The staff felt more comfortable with the equipment and with set up of the harnesses. They also appreciated the ideas of how to use the equipment with both lower level and higher level patients.

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