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La Granada MTU. August 9th, 2018.
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 Posted: Fri Dec 21st, 2018 10:20 am
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LiteGait Training Report:
Training Date: August 9th, 2018.
Facility: La Granada MTU. Riverside California. Pediatrics.

Presentation: Did they listen to the lecture online? Yes. Reviewed concept of Quantity of Quality Gait and afferent input. What questions or concerns did they have regarding information given? None. Did you mention MoReICE clinical support, LiteGait social media, Presenter Series webinars - especially free TIPS & TRICKS every quarter? Yes. How many attended? 19. Do you have sign in sheet? Yes. See email.

Harness/LiteGait device Training: Were all of the training elements completed (yes) or was something left out? No.

Additional Equipment Covered: Q-straps, Q-pads, GaitSens, Accessories, FreeDome, Gait Keeper Mini, Gaiter Stool, FlexAble Yoke, Auto Step. – what questions came up? Hand placement for assist, and tools for postural and balance support.

Patient Training:

1) 6 yo girl dx CP spastic diplegia. GMFCS level 3. She ambulates short community distances with bilateral articulating foot orthosis, twister cables and reverse walker. Has forefoot initial contact and tends to walk on toes after 150 ft. With LiteGait I-200 and GaitKeeper 1800T she did not use twister cables or walker and did not need to hold on. Posture and balance improved with crossed Q-Straps to stabilize pelvis and keep from leaning forward. Tactile cues needed initially for terminal stance and toe off bilaterally which facilitated heel contact. Close to normal gait achieved without facilitation.

2) 7 yo boy with CP spastic diplegia GMFCS 2. Recent surgery to release adductor, hamstring, and heelcord, B varus derotational osteotomies. Walks with walker. Short step length and forefoot initial contact. Once in LiteGait found noticeable hip flexion tightness. Manually stretched with crossed Q-straps keeping pelvis anterior and stabilized. Tends to step early. Slowly progress speed of treadmill while facilitating hip extension and terminal stance. Started to gain heel contact with increased speed. He became playful and jumping with increased speeds. Once off LiteGait and treadmill he started running without AD and safely.

3) 6 yo girl spastic quad. Walks slowly with walker relying mostly on UE'S. Able to provide more confidence once in LiteGait with BWS and Q-straps providing normal posture and improved balance. Tactally cueing terminal stance and swing until she performed without it. Speed increased and UE'S able to let go when pelvis stabilized. Once off treadmill and litegait confidence and balance there to take few steps without walker.

Concerns Encountered with patients: None.
What was the BEST question/remark/feedback you got during this training? "Saw benefit of using speed with treadmill."

Champions: Who is the best person to f/u regarding clinical support? Who is the best person to f/u regarding sales needs? Both for Sheri Phills Hill.

Recommendations: What do we need to do for these customers? Send all instruction Videos (Youtube). Encourage other accessories, like crawling harness, anti scissoring bar and auto step. Encouraged follow up with Education Department.

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