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Emergency Lowering
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 Posted: Thu Nov 10th, 2011 07:10 pm
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Question from Nancy Smith from CEHHA:
What to do if the battery runs out while the patient is on the litegait treadmill -- emergency lowering?


Avoid needing to lower the patient unaided by charging your LiteGait regularly (we recommend weekly, overnight. As the battery ages you may need to increase charging to twice a week). Always check how much charge the battery has before placing the patient in the device. If there is minimal charge (less than 1 bar) do not use the LG until it has charged for a couple of hours.

THE LGI units do have an “emergency lowering” button, right next to the red “off” button on the control box. Stick a paper clip (or something thin) into the small hole where it says “emergency” and the actuator will lower. Once you have safely lowered the patient to sitting, a service-call may be necessary as the remote switch has been bypassed.

If your unit (MX) does not have an “emergency lowering switch” or, to avoid a service call, there are alternative methods to safely lower a patient from an un-weighted position in the LG.
• Bring the LG over to a height-adjustable surface (mat table) and raise it up, perching the patient on the table. Unhook them and lower the table, remove harness, return patient to chair.
• Have someone assist you by supporting the patient in standing. Detach one support strap at a time, lengthen the strap, and re-insert it into the buckle by the yoke. Work your way around each strap, lengthening, then re-attaching each one before moving on to the next. The last strap may result in sudden re-weighting when it is detached, but the patient will be safe with 3 straps attached, and will not drop beyond the length you have added to the straps. Return patient to their chair, and remove harness.

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